Wednesday, 6 March 2013


I woke up this morning, and found sitting on the dinner table my prizes from the LMR tic tac toe challenge Naughts and Crosses. I decided I would get a lot more use from a micro magician than I would out of a mini driver, so even tho I came in third, I paid the difference, and got a micro magician. Oddbot (the guy running the challenge) also threw in a pack of female and male jumper wires. When I get some time, I am going to have some fun with my prizes.

On another note, I recently made a paintball cannon for my friend, 4 in ABS combustion chamber, with SEVEN 1/2 in barrels coming out the front, looks like a minigun, mwhahahahah. Anyway, it is not working REALLY well right now, needs a chamber fan, which I have. I cut down a 120mm computer fan untill it had just a bit of clearence between the inside of the chamber, and the tips of the fan blades, that was kinda finincky, spent a while with a calliper and some side cutters to get that working. Now I just need to stop by radio shack and buy a 12v AA battery pack, and it should be complete. These Pictures were taken when I was using a Piezo sparker taken from an old barbecue laying in the dump, it turned out to be unreliable, so I swaped it with an electroninc continous sparking battery opperated sparker.

I also got to go to Spokane WA. on Sunday and pick up some robot building parts, 4 6in lawn mower wheels. The holes in the middle are a bit big to mount directly on chopped up cordless drills, but that will soon be remedied with some metal bushings I will fabricate on the high school's lathe, a cupple of mid size castors, a few small ball castors and a big hunk of epoxy putty (for making a hemisphere for the HOG drive I will make eventually) rounded out the purchase.I love Harbour Freight Tools :)

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