Thursday, 25 July 2013

5 days later, and Bravo is done.

Yep, today I did my big Cross Country flight :) I flew over 150 Nautical Miles, did full stop landings at two airports, an overflight at one, and a touch and go at one before heading back to my home airport. It was remarkably peaceful when you fly solo, there is no instructor (my instructor is awesome by the way) telling you what to do and what you did wrong, and asking you questions, and making you uncomfortable when they are oddly silent because you know you are forgting something. I flew for 2.5 hours total, and got up to 5500 feet, so this was my highest solo flight along with being my longest. Im feeling very blessed, and like I might actually make it thru this course :) Some days I feel as awesome as these guys:

Saturday, 20 July 2013

Why I like dubstep

I was contemplating last night why some people love dubstep, and other electronic music, tho mostly dubsep, and others just cant stand it. I remembered hearing something on the radio about how listining to a song for the first time is more plesurable than subsequent times, so I searched google, and I found this: just a link backing up what I just said :) anyway, I was contemplating that, and how the first time I heard a dubstep song, as well as every time after, just when you think you know when the beat is going to change, or isnt, it does exactly what you think it wont. I think it is the constant changing of sounds, to exactly the most random thing that can be is what makes it so nice to listen to. It is just like listining to a song for the first time, you are never quite sure what will come next. That also explains why those who do not like it hate it so much, they find the constant changing of everything annoying. Well, I just felt like rambling about that for a bit, have a wonderful day, and if you happen to like dubstep, have a listen to the video, I personally love it :)

Third week over, along with a sucessful cross-country check :)

The end of second week and beginning of the third week were a bit down for me, I didnt get to fly much, and when I did, the flights were not the best. But that changed mid week, and my flying started to improve again, I regained some confidence, and my flying improved some more, and it culmitated in a sucessful "phase bravo check." our course is split up into three parts alpha, bravo and charley. alpha is everything up to your first solo flight, bravo is everything up to your first solo cross country (landing at a different airport than you took off from) and charley is everything up to your flight test. So anyway, yesterday I passed the phase bravo check, which makes sure you can fly safely to another aerodrome by your self. and we also did a 100 question practice exam in prep for the Transport Canada Written exam, and I managed to get 84% which isnt bad. not great, but not bad :) Today I had a sucessful solo to another airport, and back again, and tomorrow is the one day a week we get off, so im feeling pretty good right now. as I was climbing out of the airport I was struck at the beauty of everything as seen from the air, and how amazing it was that I was blessed to get into this course. I was also thinking how nuts I was to be leaving the ground in a piece of metal with propeller at one end, with only 3 weeks of training. every once and a while I will stop and say to myself "what do you think you are doing, you are totally bonkers to go thru with this." then I think YOLO, Ill do it anyway :) signing off with a smile :)

Saturday, 6 July 2013

One week down, six to go

Well, I survived the first week at power camp 2013, and it was a good week. I got soloing, and now I have 1.2 hours PIC (pilot in command) and I think 8.8 hours dual time. Having so much fun.

Friday, 5 July 2013


Today I did my first solo flight in an airplane, after 8.4 hours my instructor said I was ready, so after flying a cupple circuts, he got out and I went out by my self, I got to do two touch and go's, and then landed. One of the proudest moments of my life.