Thursday, 25 July 2013

5 days later, and Bravo is done.

Yep, today I did my big Cross Country flight :) I flew over 150 Nautical Miles, did full stop landings at two airports, an overflight at one, and a touch and go at one before heading back to my home airport. It was remarkably peaceful when you fly solo, there is no instructor (my instructor is awesome by the way) telling you what to do and what you did wrong, and asking you questions, and making you uncomfortable when they are oddly silent because you know you are forgting something. I flew for 2.5 hours total, and got up to 5500 feet, so this was my highest solo flight along with being my longest. Im feeling very blessed, and like I might actually make it thru this course :) Some days I feel as awesome as these guys:

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