Saturday, 20 July 2013

Why I like dubstep

I was contemplating last night why some people love dubstep, and other electronic music, tho mostly dubsep, and others just cant stand it. I remembered hearing something on the radio about how listining to a song for the first time is more plesurable than subsequent times, so I searched google, and I found this: just a link backing up what I just said :) anyway, I was contemplating that, and how the first time I heard a dubstep song, as well as every time after, just when you think you know when the beat is going to change, or isnt, it does exactly what you think it wont. I think it is the constant changing of sounds, to exactly the most random thing that can be is what makes it so nice to listen to. It is just like listining to a song for the first time, you are never quite sure what will come next. That also explains why those who do not like it hate it so much, they find the constant changing of everything annoying. Well, I just felt like rambling about that for a bit, have a wonderful day, and if you happen to like dubstep, have a listen to the video, I personally love it :)

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