Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Cheapness and paintball

I have a Spyder Victor paintball marker, and it is not a bad gun really, it was pretty cheap, and it gets me out on the field. I love my spyder, but I used to wish I had a longer barrel, the stock one was just not cutting it. I am a bit poor right now, and I balked at the ~$40 price tag of a nice barrel. Having just built a paintball cannon for my friend, I knew that 1/2" class 200 (thin walled) pipe fit .68 cal paintballs just fine, I also have acess to a lathe, so I figured, what the heck, I will give it a try. I measured my stock barrel's diamiter, and the legnth of the part that screws into the gun, chucked up some pipe in the lathe, and here is what I got:
admittedly, the white plastic looks a bit cheesy, but I can paint it later if I really feel like it, and the price is right ( you can get 20' of pipe (yes feet not inches) from any self-respecting hardware store for less than $5) the barrel might be a little long, but I can always cut it down later if I need to. I fired a few test shots, and it seems to work fine, no chopping, and better accuaricy.
You might have also noticed that in the pic I have a HPA tank screwed onto my gun. Also in the persuit of money-saving, I purchased it and the fill station you can also see in the pic, tank was ~$40 and the fill station was ~$20 from and ebay respectively. The fill station screws onto a scuba tank, and lets you fill your paintball tank anywhere you can lug a scuba tank. I borrowed a scuba tank from a friend, and since I can get it filled for free, I will have paid for my purchases in 6 fills, not bad considering I plan to go more than 6 times in the future, and my a few of my friends who do not want to shell out for all the new stuff said they would buy HPA tanks and buy fills from me for ~$2-$3. Doing more with less FTW!

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