Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Minigun complete, now 20,000% better!

Yesterday I finished up my friend's paintball minigun. It now has a continous sparker system, chamber fan, 3-1 chamber  to barrel volume ratio, is very well ballenced, and has the ridculas amount of power I have come to expect from any projectile-hurling device I build.

Chamber fan:
Battery pack:
COMPLETE! shown with end cap, paintballs, and starting fluid.


 As to that 20,000% better remark, it was not just idle speculation/exaggeration, before the chamber fan was installed, sometimes the paintballs would only shoot a foot or two, due to incomplete combustion resulting from a less than ideal fuel/air mixture. With normal potato cannons, this is not such a big deal, because the potato generates friction, which keeps it in the barrel long enough for all of the fuel to burn, and thus develop more pressure, enough to hurl it a long way. Paintballs do not have as much friction, so the inital burn will propell them right out of the barrel, with really crappy force. The chamber fan ensures a full burn almost instantaniously, and thus all of the force is developed within a small fraction of a second, resulting with WAY more force. Now those 7-35 paintballs go over 200 feet, thus, 20,000% better.

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