Saturday, 7 September 2013

Lego, Lego, and more Lego

I have had these pictures for quite a while, but never really a place to post them, anyway, here are some pictures of my favorite lego builds, from some time ago:

A vertical spinner battlebot using two full battery packs as a weapon driven by 8 old (really old high rpm) motors. Brutal.

A marble sorter that I think is particularly elegant:


MSG or Mobile Stuff Grabber, a ROV that could pick up and transport small items around the house:

A lego incarnation of the SHRIMP platform, Version 1 (it did get completed, with NXT bricks etc. but had the unfortunate tendancy to fall over sideways if it just one side went over an object, and so I built version two)

 Version 2:

And finally, the largest mobile Lego thing I have ever built, a massive bidirectional sumo bot driven by 12 of those old lego motors I mentioned earlier:

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