Monday, 16 December 2013


I should be doing schoolwork right now, so this will just be a quick post, I got some more work done on PK, here are some pictures: First I finished up the spacers on the rear (I have decided that the castor will be the front, at least for now.) axle:

 And I added some quick motor supports, tie-down-strapped the battery on, wired up my motor controler and RC reciever to my arduino and wrote a quick test program.

Shortly after, I took it outside to test, first on the deck, and then out in my yard (which is pretty snowy) sorry for the poor lighting, it was dark, and these were taken on an old camera.
Well, it worked. Not well in the snow, and I deffenatly need a better control sceme, but it still moved :) The next step was to build a frame, so off to the hardware store for a few pipe fittings and 20 odd feet of pipe and in a couple hours I had a mostly done frame:

I havn't gotten any further so far, and now it sits in the corner of my bedroom taking up a sizable chunk of floor space (at the moment 39 inches long and 37 inches wide) and with the battery weighs about 45 pounds. (I have taken the battery out for storage, as it causes the rear axle to sag a little, and I don't need to stress it needlessly)

(Music) I like big bots and I cannot lie......

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