Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Progress on Project Killzone

I have decided to call my large outdoor robot using the power wheels motors Project Killzone, because it will be my first weaponized robot (first with a paintball gun, and perhaps later with a small potato cannon). A couple of weeks back, I purchased some 10" I think pneumatic wheels and tires, with bearings set into them, as well as a 5" castor for the back (or possibly front, I still have not decided if I am going to make it a taildragger, or have a nose wheel) with the intention of fabricating an adapter plate that would bolt onto the 4 bolts holding the hub of the wheel together, and have the 6 (later changed to just 4, due to spacing issues) bolts sticking up to fit into the depressions of the drive motors. I have acecss to a CNC plasma cutter, so I decided to use it to fab the adapter plate. I designed the plate, and after a few false starts (see the pictures) I had 2 nice adapter plates:

The wheels also have a slightly larger ID than the power wheels axle, so some bushings were made to correct that. Here is a pic of all the things that were fabbed this weekend:

These are some photos of an adapter plate bolted onto the wheel:

And here is the whole bot as it sits, the metal tee in the middle of the axle is where the tail (or nose) wheel assembly is going to go, the tee is 1/2", as is the pipe nipple. The pipe nipple has been reamed out to a nice ID, where a metal rod fits in nicely, the metal rod goes out, and has a dogleg bent into it, in order to make the end where the castor will mount (the castor's mounting plate is a little higher than the main axle) higher. I shall weld the end of the rod that the castor is to be mounted to to a metal plate with the same dimentions as the mounting plate on the castor, and holes drilled into it for the castor to mount on. The PVC fittings are for the rest of the frame, the +s to make the outer frame and the tees will go straight up for mounting a paintball gun, compass sensor, GPS antenna, etc. on. I still plan to use the stainless dishwasher cover as a baseplate to bolt on after the frame is made.

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