Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Window progresses (just a little)

I will start this off with a picture of the quadcopter that I bought, plus the 4 arms from my disasembled quad, both of which were then totally disasembled to be used in The Window:
I took those completly apart, and was left with this motley collection of 8 motor, ESC, and propeller combos:
The top (or in the second picture, right) four are from my friend's quad, and they have had their power wires extended, I think this might actually be handy for mounting the ESCs, and they all have 3.5mm male bullet connectors on the power leads. I plan to make a nice wiring harness using 12 gauge wire that will have 4 XT60 connectors for power (I only plan on using two batteries at a time, but its nice to have the capibility to use 4 if I would like), and wires running up the arms for power to each of the two ESCs on that arm. I wanted to have nice red and black wiring, but cheapness reared it's ugly head, and I ended up only getting 10 feet of white instead:
I also mounted the motor mounts to the mounting tees, and gave the motors a test fit. The blades seem to have a good amount of clearence between one another, and the spacing seems quite good too, gotta love trigonometry.
 Here is a closeup of the motor mount:
The zip ties hold it in place quite securely. In this picture I have yet to clip the excess from the tie, but that shall happen. Three ties hold each motor in place.

That's all the progress to date, stay tuned for more at some point.

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