Monday, 8 December 2014

Cause i just cant stick to one project...

So I have been working on Raven recently. You know this. But it is December, in Canada. And you know, its hard to test a UGV when there is two feet of snow on the ground. However, I do have a UAV that I have not worked on much since the last post about it. In fact I haven't so much as changed one thing until last night. So I figured it would be good to give it some love too. If you read my previous posts on the window, you know that my entire purpose of building an octocopter with huge payload capacity was to eventually mount a paintball gun onto it. Heh. I have begun that task. First up was stripping off that pan/tilt camera system. For nemourous reasons, I now have a gopro instead of my cheap ATC mini, the video was blocky due to 2.4 GHz radio interference from the windows TX, the system was not the greatest anyway. And I need that space for my gun mount. So anyway, besides the gun, in the meantime I picked up one of those wireless back up cameras for your car really cheap. It may or may not cause and pick up interference like the old system did, but I gotta try it out. I'll be giving that a try for my FPV, along with a gopro to record the antics. Armament wise, I am again using my POS spyder victor, cause, you know, I'm too cheap to get a better gun, and this one works, kinda... Anyway, couple 1/2" PVC tees, zip ties, and hose clamps later and I've got a decent gun mount. I'll be mounting the air/CO2 bottle in a similar way. At the moment, I have only gotten so far as a mock up, but this is something like what it will look like.

The mounting tees need to be modified a bit, the bottle will be slung below the copter too, and I need to mount the trigger servo yet still, but that's a decent idea of what it should look like, minus legs. 

Anyway that's all I got for now, but I'll update as I get more progress. 

Heh. Weaponized drones. Homemade weaponized  drones. How I love hardware hacking. Have a wonderful day folks, and if you follow in my footsteps, be safe and never point this at any living thing or property not your own.

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