Thursday, 11 December 2014

Yeah I can't stick to one project.

I have project commitment issues. But hey, whatever, they all need to get done someday! Anyway, with my Camaro sitting outside just waiting and calling to me, I had to caniblize it. Brought it inside and started taking stuff off. I also brought PK, or what was left of him after moving, upstairs and ripped the parts off him too. Ended up with this collection:
The motors are a little different, or rather the gearboxes are. The new ones have different mounting flanges, and the pass thru shaft hole size is slightly smaller in the new ones. But the gearing looks identical and the motors themselves also do. And big bonus, the crazy wavy hexagon that power wheels toys use to transfer power is identical on both, so I can use all four wheels from the Camaro. Also, the snazzy mags just pop out leaving me with some plainer, but honestly more my style wheels. As snazzy as those are, I think I am going to be leaving them behind when I go forward. Ill keep them around and if I ever need to enter a paintball packing autonomus car into a car show or something, I can add them for the extra bling. In addition to being slightly larger diamiter, the other car's axle was also longer than this one. but that is no problem, I shall just cut it down and tap some nice threads on the end like the original car had. Here is a super quick mock up I did to get a generall idea of size:
You can clearly see the legnth difference between the two in this pic tho the angle of the camera does cancel some of it out.

But thats not everything to do with PK yet! I never made a post about this but a few months back I visited princess auto in Kelowna and found these beauties really cheap in the surplus section:
The are HUGE open contact DPDT relays. As I said, got them very cheap, but unfortunately they have a 24v coil. I anticipated being able to drive them at 12v no problem, but I just tried them on a 12v battery and no dice. No problem, I will just make a voltage doubler. It will make things slightly more complicated but not overmuch.


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