Saturday, 10 August 2013

(Short) Rambling #6 (thoughts on bots)

I was going thru the internet yesterday, and I found this awesome post on Realitypod that shows some really cool robots in action, most of them made by Boston Dynamics (man would that ever be a dream job! I think I would be happy sweeping the floor there!) It is truely worth a read (and a watch of all the videos embedded) I think my favourite bot they mention is RHex, that is one amazing hexapod, followed closely after by cheetah (almost half as fast as we are allowed to drive on the higway, but from a 4 legged robot, now THAT is impressive) anyway, a really good site to visit, great for inspiration (I think I might have to pull my lego out when I get home and try my hand at a lego RHex :) )

And after you are done watching the videos on that site, have a look at these ones:

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