Saturday, 15 February 2014

Android smartphone control of a Lego NXT

Way back during Black Friday of 2013, I picked up a Kyocera Event Android smartphone on for $20. I didn't intend to buy it to use as a phone, but rather as a robot contoller/sensor.
It has all the usual smartphone sensors, and runs Android 4.2.2 I think. Anyway, first thing I did when I got it up and running was to download an app that let me control my Lego NXT with both the touchscreen and accelerometer. Here is what insued:
A reasonably simple and mundane thing, but man that was very exciting for me. I have downloaded a few other apps designed to connect thru an HC-05 bluetooth module to an Arduino, which I recently reiceved in the mail, but have yet to try out. I think the phone will prove to be a very versitile addition to my robotics collection.

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