Thursday, 6 March 2014


I finished up the paintball gun mount/trigger plates that I mentioned in a previous post, they are just scrap sheet metal with a number of holes drilled in them:

The top one also has a cutout for the trigger servo to go thru. I mounted the servo to the plate, screwed the plate to the grip holes in the gun, and gave it a try:
Here is a video of the servo triggering the paintball gun to fire, this time I had a full tank of air, so it auto-recocked like it should. Again, the red robot and Tx were the fastest and easiest thing I had to try out the servo.
And a couple pics with the other plate on, and everything together:

 Closeup of the servo mounting plate:
 As you can see, I ended up using two zip ties on the front instead of a hose clamp, and I further reinforced the plates on the back by wraping another zip tie around the handle.

And finally, a couple of pics of the gun "mounted" on PK. In reality the gun will be closer to the base of the bot, and the front part of the tripod will be hose clamped down.

I also have been working on the motor controller, but its not done, so I will save that update for another post.

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