Saturday, 29 March 2014

Another really short PKP

I took PK into the shop today and finished up his frame joint where the axle and long spar meet. It has had holes drilled where they meet in order to lock the spar from rotating, but I never got around to putting properly sized bolts into them which caused some slop in the connection. So I drilled the holes out slightly more, tapped them with a standard 1/4" NC tap, and threaded some bolts in from the bottom: (These pictures are with PK upside down)

The bolts stuck out a little on the top of the frame, and they are right where the main battery sits, so I didn't want any high spots, so I ground down both of the bolts, and while I was at it, the high points on the metal T too, so the battery sits evenly on all of the contact area.
The threading of the holes means that I don't need a nut on the other end of the pipe to keep it in place, so this configuration works well. Anyway, that's all the progress for now, told you it would be short ;)

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