Tuesday, 21 June 2016

Flamethrower footage

Bound to be the most entertaining flamethrower post to date, all the footage I have so far of me firing the flamethrower. Enough squirting water and pressure testing, lets get to the real deal! 
First if you are impatient, here are a couple short GIFs:

Those GIFs and the next couple of videos are of version 1 of the flamethrower, with the longer hose and primitive nozzle. This video is the same as the first GIF but a bit better quality if you want to see the flame better:
The next two are fairly short, first in slow mo, second in non slow mo. Shot during the same tank of fuel as the first one:

And if you are a bit more patient, here is one continuous clip of the whole tank being shot off, taken at the same time as the other shots, but with slow mo in different places and as one continuous shot:
This next one is footage taken with the camera mounted to the wand during the daytime, with the upgraded tip. Im shooting a bit into the wind on this one. (A screenshot of one part of this video is where I got the picture for the top of my blog) 
And then these last three are different perspectives of the same night shot. First, one taken from a ways away (Probably my least favourite)
One taken from the POV cam on the wand:
And my favourite, mostly because of the dialogue, one shot from up close by a friend:
Well there it is! All the footage I have of the flamethrower being fired. I probably won't get anymore till it cools down again and we get some rain due to the high forest fire risk, but when that time comes, I can't wait to test out the shorter wand hose and shorter propellant tank mount. Hope you enjoyed it!

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