Wednesday, 11 December 2013

PKP (Project Killzone Progress)

Last night I welded the aforementioned plate onto the aforementioned steel rod, creating my castor mount, and the last critical piece of PK that I did not have. All that needs to be done now in order to get a drivable (tho not finished) platform is to mount the castor assembly to the main axle, put the PVC spacers on the main axle, mount the battery and motor controler, and wire it up with some rudimentary brains. Once that is done, I can get onto testing the basic platform, which might be interesting actually, I live up a mountain in Canada, and its a tad snowy here :) Anyway, some pictures, castor mount first:

Not the best welding job, but not the worst either, it has not bad penetration, and this part shouldn't be under huge amounts of stress, so it should work fine.

And I took a couple of pictures with the castor assembly quickly mounted to the main axle, note that when it is actually mounted, it will be shorter, I just cut it at that length to give me room to work.
Looking at that right now makes me think of the battlebot weapon style, the "Thwackbot" 
Couple of close ups of the castor mounted:

And finally, one close up of the tee. The tee is 1/2 inch, and the bushings and nipples on the main axle are 3/8, that size chosen because the ID of the nipples fits the main axle's OD almost perfectly. As mentioned previously, the 1/2" nipple was reamed out to let the castor assembly's rod to fit into it nicely. When completed, the 1/2" nipple and rod will be match drilled and bolted together to prevent rotation, and the nipple itself will be tightened into the tee, match drilled and bolted, also to prevent rotation.